Benefits of Travelling

Travelling can sound like a stress trigger in itself when you think about all the planning and organising to do. But it can be an important tool for people to refresh their mind a little. Seeing the same house, sitting at the same table and eating the same food can get redundant at times which can put a damper on your mood as well.

Travelling doesn’t always mean getting on a plane and flying off to Japan. It can also mean just getting into your car or a train to somewhere you haven’t been before. Seeing new things can help the wheels in your mind to start moving again.

This is especially useful for people who run on their creativity.


If you’re not a fan of the ocean then this probably won’t be a benefit but being near water helps amazingly for people who get anxiety often.

I don’t know the scientific explanation behind it but the sounds, smell and sight of water (whether it’s the ocean, river or a lake) helps a lot with anxiety. Being stuck in your house can make you feel restless sometimes so it’s nice to see something so open like the ocean.

Places like the country plains in Newcastle or the drive to Canberra are also good places to clear your mind. Living in and around the city can get a little congested. Crowded surrounding leads to a crowded mind so always make sure to get out of the crowd once in a while.

These holidays were the most relaxing since it wasn’t just about doing anything dramatic. It was a just a small family going around to places that they hadn’t explored before (it sounds a little cheesy but it worked).

I know not everyone would have enjoyed their holidays and I hope everything gets better for you soon which it will. There’s always time to get better this year, you have it laid out in front of you!


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