University Tips for First Years

So you got yourself accepted into university (which congratulations by the way!) and unless you have an older brother/sister to give you the rundown on what it’s like, it may be a little…confusing. University life is a whole new world of different beliefs, ideas and set of rules that honestly high school will never be able to teach or carry out (unless they actually try but that’s for another generation). After going through my first year of university, I’ve decided to compile a list of things that I learnt and that would be useful for you once you start this new point in your life. Let’s get started!


It isn’t compulsory to attend all your lectures but it is highly recommended to keep up with the work. A lot of people might tell you that the first year is the ‘lazy’ year but it’s best you get your head in the game now then later. This year will be the time where you get yourself in the mindset of university so attend all your classes and play the game like a pro.


It might not seem like it but I realised there is a good reason why universities don’t normally have classes everyday. The workload. Readings, assignments, class work and so on until your head explodes. I’ve learnt that these ‘spare’ days might be given so you can keep your head up with the workload so I wouldn’t necessarily call them spare days at all. They’re more ‘home study’ days and believe me you will do well to make use of these days. Or it could just be that the teacher’s don’t want to work either but I’m trying to be motivating here.

Anyway, as I was saying, do your readings. DO YOUR READINGS! Have a note around your room but do it. Some readings can up to a 100 pages long but you don’t HAVE to drag on every single word. Just make sure you know some important quotes and pieces of information. And try not to blind yourself with too much highlighter.



Maybe not sniff them but I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart, starting your assignment as soon as you get is going to feel so much less stressful afterwards. Even if it is just an outline or a few sentences, JUST START THEM. Start little by little if you have the time for it (if you start as soon as you get it, you’ll most likely have two weeks or so to do it) and before you know it BAM! It’s not a last minute essay!


I can predict some of you cringed with this but hear me out, you don’t have be a complete social butterfly. Not at all, actually but you do need connections in university.

You don’t have to have a bestie on the first year but making yourself known to a fair few decent people will be useful in the future. Universities are generally big places so keeping phone numbers of people you can trust will always come in handy.

Be nice to your teachers (even if they’re annoying unfortunately). Whether teachers will admit it or not, their personal feelings can reflect on the marks they give you (unless they’re just an amazing or a horrendous marker in general). Teachers will have a background impression of you when they mark and if you’re known to annoy them 99% of the time then you can say goodbye to bonus marks. Now of course, some teachers are just ridiculous as a person and this tip may not always work but just try to be on their good side because their decisions rely on your degree (whether we like it or not).


I don’t know how or why this works but always hand write your notes in lectures. Record them if you miss some things and then play it back and write down what you missed. When you write it in hand, it always has the tendency to be engraved in your brain the longest. Write ideas of assignments and test revisions by hand as well, it’ll help a lot.


And that’s all, lovelies! I tried to keep it as short and simple as possible because starting university is already overwhelming as it is. These are the few basic things that you need to survive the first year and all the other years you’re going to be attending. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments down below or if there are any other tips you would like to give other students then please share! I wish you well on your education  and I’ll see you again soon! Bye~


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