Book Rec: Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Most of you have probably have already heard of this book before since it’s not only a bestseller but the movie is quite popular as well. I’ve never gotten the chance to appreciate the book because I watched the movie first but when I did, no book has ever hooked me so much.

So for my first book recommendation (if you haven’t read it already) is definitely Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. More information on the book and my personal thoughts are below!


In its simplest plot form, a prominent man, Jacques Sauniere is murdered in a French museum. Before his death, he created a series of codes and riddles for his granddaughter, Sophie and a professor named Robert Langdon which emanates suspicion from authorities that he may be responsible for Sauniere’s death. The story follows Sophie and Robert’s journey to unlocking Sauniere’s riddles and uncovering an ancient secret of Christianity supposedly hidden by the Church.


If you are a strict Christian then maybe this won’t be the most comfortable book to read but if you’re like me, curious and a lover of books in general then this is an awesome read. I’m not in the position to say that whatever Brown was trying to express is the utter truth since I’m not someone who takes religion personally. Religion to me is something to learn and respect  so this book was another piece of knowledge that I didn’t know before. The argument of whether it’s true or false really does not matter to me because the main thing I got from this book is the idea that religion is a symbol of faith. In it’s purest form, religion is not about powerful gods or messiahs walking on water, it’s about faith and hope in dark times. Celebration in times of light. This is why I respect religion because it provides those values to people who need it.

This book suggests that the people, each religion look up to as God or the Son of God are just as human as we are. Only they had the power to bring about hope and faith in the land. Personally, I didn’t think that Brown was bashing or destroying the idea of Jesus himself. He was more so expressing the way people nowadays represent Christianity which might not be something that figures like Jesus would approve of. After all, from what I’ve learnt in Catholic school and other places, Jesus was a kind man who didn’t support the idea of violence or discrimination much like every other figure in each religion.

It’s a thriller like I’ve never read before. There’s so much more to learn in this book than just figuring out who was responsible for ordering Jacques Sauniere’s death. At the beginning, it all seems simple but by the end, you’d have gained so much more knowledge you didn’t even realize.

So if you haven’t already, please check out Da Vinci Code. I think it’s definitely 500 pages worth your time!


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