#StayHome Book Recs

For this week, I have collated my Top Five favourite books ranging from fantasy to fashion. If you’re ever looking at your bookshelf and there’s nothing to read, give these selections a go!

  1. Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

This shouldn’t need too much of an explanation. The Harry Potter series from start to finish is an amazing, magical experience following the point of view a boy with the same name after he gets accepted into a school of wizardry. Rowling’s creativity and sheer talent in building such a unique world including mixing modern (for the time) and fantasy together. One of my favourite things to see in a story is magical elements being implemented in modern settings rather than medieval ones. This might be considered a children’s book in most cases but I don’t think I’m the only person who knows that the Harry Potter influences both children and adults alike.

  1. Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

When I was growing up, I never got into thriller books until 2016 when I happened upon Girl on the Train. It was coincidentally the same year the movie was coming out as well. The main character, Rachel was probably the most unreliable narrators ever known. However I loved how Hawkins tangled all these seemingly different lives together in such a raw, natural manner. Megan, the woman who had been murdered, was someone Rachel had simply been observing from her view as she sat on the train. She was almost portrayed as the ideal version of what Rachel wanted to be even though it showed how Megan’s life was not perfect in the slightest. This story is packed with mystery, struggles with alcoholism, the narcissism and abusive nature of male leads and a heartbreaking journey to find importance within yourself. Definitely a must read if you like thrillers.

  1. Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

My ultimate favourite work from Dan Brown. Despite all the books I’ve read from the Robert Langdon series, not a single one could hold a candle to the masterpiece that was Da Vinci Code. If you ever want to try out Brown’s works, this is definitely the first book to start with. The way he embeds all these facts about religion, culture and art through a fictional thriller, some of the facts so controversial it could burn down sparks of belief or faith. The best part is that it’s all done in an elegant and straight-forward manner instead of harboring an anti-religious tone which can happen sometimes. If you can keep an open mind on learning the different sides of religion and culture then be sure to add this to your reading list!

  1. Mafia Crimes: The History of the Mob by Al Cimino

I’m not an avid non-fiction reader myself but this is one recommendation I have for those who prefer this category. History both modern and ancient is my favourite thing to read when it comes to non-fiction. If you have been interested on the history of how the mafia world came about then this essentially teaches you the origin along with notable figures within certain syndicates. Organized crime has always been a fascinating topic for me and I’m hoping to write a story surrounding the concept for another book project so this would be a good source. If you are interested in learning about the criminal underworld then you can give this book a read.

  1. The Capsule Wardrobe by Wendy Mak

Now of course not everyone is interested in wizards, murder and dark religious secrets so I’ve also added a fashion book recommendation. The Capsule Wardrobe has one simple idea. To create one thousand outfits from only thirty pieces. It is meant to create efficiency and lack of both closet and mental clutter. In a way, the book has helped me become more brutal when it comes to shopping for something and cleaning out closet a couple of times a year. So if you’re looking to find a good way to de-clutter your clothing and become more creative with a limited number of outfits, be sure to check this book out!

I hope this helped your reader slump in some way and let me know if you’ve read any of them or if you want to add some of your recommendations, put them in the comments below!

Other than that, please stay safe and healthy!



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